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Recent Projects, Closings, and Updates

Untamed Equity serves as a crucial bridge between developers and municipalities, facilitating the funding and successful completion of ambitious projects.

With an unwavering commitment to equity and sustainable growth, we harness the potential of Tax Increment Financing and enable developers to access the necessary capital for their transformative projects, while working closely with municipalities to align the initiatives with community needs and goals.

Through our collaborative approach and deep understanding of the complex dynamics of urban development, our team empowers both developers and municipalities to realize their shared vision of vibrant and inclusive communities, like the projects below.

Colman yards Project

Colman Yards Project

By Emily BlaylockPresident & Founder, Untamed Equity This project was many years in the making and finally will bring life back to the Colman Yards

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The Main Attraction

By Emily Blaylock President & Founder, Untamed Equity Untamed Equity is excited to announce our newest closing – The Main Attraction. This project takes us

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Let's Talk About Your Next Project!

Our Tax Increment Financing monetization loan program could be the perfect solution to providing funding up-front and jump start your next development project. Untamed Equity is ready to partner with you to bridge the gap equity needed to get to the finish line.