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Why Untamed Equity?

Partnering for the Greater Good

Untamed Equity specializes in providing financing for projects that contribute to economic growth and community development. We offer expertise in navigating the complexities of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) programs, providing tailored loan structures and collateral options. By partnering with us, borrowers gain access to the necessary capital to fund their projects while leveraging the potential tax increment payments as collateral. This collaboration facilitates the realization of development goals and contributes to the overall prosperity of the community.

Why Participate with Us?
Investor / Participant Appeal
Our Services

TIF Services for Participants

Untamed Equity works with developers and municipalities to originate and service large commercial loans in TIF districts, which simplifies the financing process all around. Our expertise allows us to enhance economic development projects of all kinds by leveraging the power of TIF monetization.



Our origination services make participations easy because we handle everything from sourcing the deal, analyzing the model, creating a loan structure, collecting documentation, and closing the loan.


Until the loan is paid off, Untamed Equity will continue servicing the project. This includes the analysis of increment payments and maintaining our relationship by managing communication between the lending institution and the developer.


As renewals happen, Untamed Equity will lead the entire process to make it as seamless as possible for all participants. 

Participation / Investor Package

Our tax increment financing (TIF) loan program offers a comprehensive service package designed to facilitate successful development projects. The loan structure provides flexible financing options tailored to meet the unique needs of each project.

With a clear understanding of the project background, our team collaborates closely with clients to determine the scope, objectives, and desired outcomes, ensuring alignment with local economic development goals. An amortization schedule is carefully crafted, outlining the repayment plan for the TIF loan, taking into account project timelines and expected cash flows.

We offer expertise in project management and ownership, providing guidance and support throughout the entire development process, from planning to execution and ongoing operations. By analyzing the property proforma, we assess the project’s financial viability, examining projected income and expenses to determine the potential return on investment.

Additionally, our guarantor analysis evaluates the creditworthiness and capacity of the guarantor to fulfill their obligations, offering an added layer of assurance to lenders. With our comprehensive service package, we aim to maximize the success and impact of TIF-funded projects, fostering economic growth and revitalizing communities.


Our tax increment financing (TIF) loan program offers a robust package that ensures the successful execution of development projects. We require personal guaranties from the developer, providing an additional layer of security. The collateral includes the assignment of the Development Agreement and the Tax Increment proceeds or TIF Note/Bond, safeguarding our interests in the project.

Furthermore, the TIF increment payments, covering both principal and interest, are directly routed to us from the municipality, streamlining the repayment process. A Promissory Note, coupled with an Amortization Schedule, outlines the repayment plan, enabling clear visibility of payment obligations. To mitigate risk, our loan agreement incorporates a shortfall payment or Loan-to-Value (LTV) language, contingent upon the guarantor’s payment.

Additionally, our position is secured as the senior lien holder, prioritizing tax payments and further safeguarding our interests. With these measures in place, we aim to provide a secure and efficient financing solution for TIF-funded projects, driving economic growth and development.

As an investor/participant in a tax increment financing (TIF) loan, your role is simple. Before loan closing, you execute a basic Participation Agreement. At the closing, you will fund your designated share of the loan amount, ensuring adequate financing for the development. In return, you will receive monthly interest income proportional to your participation share of the loan amount, providing a steady return on your investment.

To keep you informed and updated, you will receive regular monthly and annual statements outlining the performance of your investment. Additionally, you will be provided with access to relevant documentation related to the transaction. 



What we do

Growing Relationships

The relationship between Untamed Equity and the loan participant is multifaceted and mutually beneficial. As partners, we establish strong relationships to fund TIF loans that create a fixed income loan portfolio. Our investors are often interested in diversifying their real estate portfolio and see TIF loans as an attractive investment opportunity. The collateral for these loans is the tax increment payments, providing a secure and reliable source of repayment.

With a national footprint, we are able to offer TIF loans across various locations, supporting enhanced economic development within communities. These projects often align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, promoting sustainability, and community well-being. Because TIF is utilized to improve areas of communities that need it most, TIF loans are usually eligible for CRA credit for our participant partners.

Additionally, our TIF loans can be tied to tax credits, opportunity zones, and other incentive programs, maximizing the financial benefits for both the borrower and investor. We value partnerships that can connect us to potential investors, fostering a collaborative network to drive successful TIF loan participation.