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Will we see you at any of these conferences?

By Emily Blaylock
President & Founder, Untamed Equity

We’re getting ready for the fall conference season. The Untamed Equity Team looks forward to seeing you at one of these events. Be sure to say hello!

IEDC Annual Conference 2023
Dallas, TX | September 17-20

I’ll be returning to speak at the IEDC conference in Dallas on September 18th . My focus will be on the nuances of development agreements as well as brainstorming how municipalities and the private sector can work together to enhance the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) incentives. As banks and other private entities tighten down their credit, how can municipalities and developers continue to complete infrastructure projects and drive economic development?

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NAIOP CRE Converge 2023
Seattle, WA | October 18-20

Come out to Seattle to hear me speak more about TIF (Tax Increment Financing) at the NAIOP CRE Converge conference on October 19th . My morning session will highlight how to best utilize and monetize the tax increment incentives that a developer will get from a municipality. We will go over standard structures, development agreement language, examples of successful TIF projects, and how you can enhance your return on investment. Monetizing TIF can provide gap equity upfront to get a project to the finish line.

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CREW Network Convention
Atlanta, GA | September 20-22

I’m excited to be a part of CREW Iowa now to continue to support women in the Commercial Real Estate industry. I will be attending the CREW Network Convention in Atlanta for the first time this year. It will be a great opportunity to combine industry learning with networking with women across the US. If you are attending reach out and connect with me so we can meet up.

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ITIA Fall Conference 2023
Chicago, IL | September 19-20

Join Corey Martin at this conference to learn more about Illinois’ perspective on TIF and what changes we may need to watch for in the ever-changing political environment. This conference is always educational and a great chance to meet with multiple municipalities across Illinois.

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